Circular & Notices

  • The students of NIS honoured A P J Abdul Kalam on occasion of World Students’ Day. Right from stating famous quotes about the eminent person to a mesmerizing enactment of Abdul Kalam’s final speech; the students were enthralled with what they witnessed. Captivating backgrounds, stunning exhibits, thought-provoking tableaus, fiery quiz competition, uplifting speeches and mind-blowing mimes truly brought out the best of students’ skills whilst showcasing the greatness of the man who helped spread many wings of fire.

  • The students of NIS visited INS Mysore, a guided missile destroyer at Hamad Port. The audacious ship is well equipped with an impressive array of weapons and sensors and it is capable enough to neutralise threats from air, sea and underwater. 40 children along with  teachers from NIS got the chance to perceive the well equipped ‘destroyer’ of Indian Navy.

  • NIS enthusiastically participated in the
    celebration of World Post Day. To make the students understand the
    sensational feeling of writing a letter, the school held various events and
    witnessed immense participation by their students

A Message From Principal

Success is not an accident. It is the result of your attitude, and your attitude is your choice. Success to the children can be written by the team work, with the dedicated team work of teachers, students and parents. One cannot remain complacent, and attempt to spend life, basking in the glory of the past. There is no doubt, that in order to enhance performance, to build potential and to face the frequent changes, we have to create an environment that will enable our students to face the challenges courageously and successfully to become an ideal citizen of tomorrow.

Dear Children, believe in the following words:

“You are what you want to become. You are one of the wonderful manifestations. The whole universe has come together to make your existence possible. There is nothing that is not in you”.

Shibu Abdul Rasheed
M.A, M.Phil, B.Ed

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